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"Zeitlin’s clever, playful duet Arches & Textures DWTN experimented with perspective to uncover how individual self-consciousness and audience observation catalyze the evolution of movement into dance."


"As Arches & Textures DWTN unfolded, the choreography destabilized scale and perspective on the stage. Sometimes the dancers seemed to be builders and architects manipulating plans and materials. At other times, the dancers were pedestrians, hemmed in by a towering built environment, and then in the next moment, the dancers were the buildings or even whole cityscapes unto themselves, walking two fingers down arms, torsos, or legs to indicate their grand scale in comparison to tiny human bodies."


"Dancers started with shape-shifting poses in isolation but then gradually caught up with one another through copying and mirroring one another as if desperate to find a connection. Soon the dancers all became one, forming walls with their backs, rafters with their arms, and staircases with their levels."


"The program was characterized by a beautiful combination of solo movement, use of the negative space of the tangled orbs, occasional unison phrase work, movement in canon, and overt displays of emotion. The performance exhibited a variety of movement styles, from legato flow to staccato repetition, always meditative."


"Zeitlin and Bautanzt Here successfully embraced the challenge of creating truly site-specific work in “Body Guarding.” Dancers and space combined to create something greater than the sum of its parts. ...

Choreographer and dancers together explored the expressive potential of contemporary dance to convey a wide range of emotional and symbolic content for dedicated patrons of dance as well as casual audiences enjoying a free performance in the park."

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