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OUR FIRST SHOW was a dance theatre performance conceived and choreographed by Nadya Zeitlin, independent Atlanta based choreographer, with contribution from participating moving artists. Premiered February 29th, 2020, at the Red Light Production Studios. 

BAUTANZT performance combined dance and geometry to tell story about the rules and social norms we're pressed to live under and the necessity to break some of them in order to live as our genuine selves.

BAUTANZT language emerged in Nadya's body as a response to the research about Bauhaus movement and avant-garde art of 1910 - 20s. Its visual content is greatly inspired by art of Kazimir Malevich and Wassily Kandinsky, pioneers of abstract art. 


Often we follow outdated rules, habits or affirmations, projected onto us by our doubtful and lazy selves, previous generations or impersonal social standards. This work puts authenticity and uniqueness of a human being to the first place. 


Pre-show activities included: vintage clothing pop-up store, photoshoot corner and introductory performance. As well as tribute performance to Kristel Rose Tedesco, beloved ATL choreographer and dancer. 

Concept, costumes: Nadya Zeitlin.

Choreography: Nadya Zeitlin with contribution from participating artists.

Performing artists: Raina Mitchell, Maria McNiece, Gianna Mercandetti, Kellie Vinal. 

Pre-show: Jacquelyn Pritz,  Porter Grubbs.

Photos by Nathan Sharrat, Preston Baker.

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