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By means of butoh, dance theater, outstanding costume and set design elements, this work explores how life-changing leaps of faith require personal loss in the hope of a better life. Hollow Bones explores awakening to a strange world where performers are the aliens, encountering pivotal moments where they have to choose to embrace change and let go of the familiar parts of themselves and their prior life.

Performers and co-creators: Susan Keller, Frankie Mulinix (Vandellous), Kiera O’Reilly. 

Direction: Nadya Zeitlin. 

Set design: Dima Alekseev, Katya Kouznetsova. 


This performance was a part of the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine festival, 2021 - 2022.  

Gordon White Park, field next to the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark. 

Hollow Bones started as a collaboration between butoh performer Frankie Mulinix (Vandellous), dance designer Nadya Zeitlin, visual artists Dima Alekseev and Katya Kouznetsova and their students. First version of this work premiered early April, 2021 at the Dance Hub ATL, part of the Hambidge Cross-Pollination Art Lab. 


We thank Square Feet Depot for providing us a space to rehearse. 

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