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Hollow Bones

Hollow Bones, Dance Hub ATL
Hollow Bones, Dance Hub ATL

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Hollow Bones, Piedmont Park
Hollow Bones, Piedmont Park

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Sketches by Dima Alekseev
Sketches by Dima Alekseev

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Hollow Bones, Dance Hub ATL
Hollow Bones, Dance Hub ATL

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Hollow Bones is a collaboration between butoh performer Frankie Mulinix (Vandellous), dance designer Nadya Zeitlin, visual artists Dima Alekseev and Katya Kouznetsova.


First version of this work premiered early April, 2021 at the Dance Hub ATL. 

In May, 2021 we brought this work to audiences in Piedmont Park in a format of a site-specific pop up performance. In September, 2021 we presented another version, adapting it to the environment of South River Arts Studios for their Sunset Series. 

Currently, we are expanding this work to a trio to present it as a part of the Art on the Atlanta Beltline outdoor public art festival in April, 2022. 



We are auditioning two performers for a total group of three. Frankie Mulinix (Vandellous) will be the third performer and will be present at auditions.

We are looking for moving artists interested in exploring the topic of the piece, appreciative of dance theatre and butoh mediums, strong improvisers, experienced in or curious about site-specific performances. 

It’s important for us to incorporate various stories of “looking for ways to belong” inside of this work, and we’re interested in creating with artists of different backgrounds and ethnicities. 


Performance and installation: Hollow Bones. This project is a part of the Art on the Atlanta Beltline 2021 - 2022. 

Audition Date: December 18th, 11am - 12:30. 

Audition Location: Beacon Dance studio at the B Complex, 1272 Murphy Ave SW, Suite 502, Atlanta, GA 30310. Free parking available on site. 

Rehearsals Start: week of January 24, 2022. Up to 10 rehearsals, including 2 techs on locations.

Rehearsal Schedule: will be determined together, upon the cast confirmation. 

Rehearsals and performances will be paid.


Show Dates: 

Saturday, April 23, 2022, 5pm. Call time: 4pm. 

Sunday, April 24, 2022, 5pm. Call time: 4pm. 

Rain / cold dates: April 30, May 1st. 

Tech rehearsals: April 16th, 17th at 4pm. 


By means of butoh, dance theater, outstanding costume and set design elements, this work explores how life-changing leaps of faith require personal loss in the hope of a better life. Hollow Bones explores awakening to a strange world where performers are the aliens, encountering pivotal moments where they have to choose to embrace change and let go of the familiar parts of themselves and their prior life. 

This is an outside site-specific production. Performers will be moving in, out and around 3 large spherical objects. 


To register, please email with

a) Resume, mentioning dance, movement, and/or physical theatre experience;

b) Website, Instagram handle - if any;

c) Video of you performing / dancing;

d) Complete audition form and send it to

Audition Form for Hollow Bones.docx.pdf

More details will be sent upon registration.