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A free site-specific dance theater performance at 54 Columns installation by Sol Lewitt, part of the ELEVATE Atlanta 2021. This work explores and celebrates the new post-Covid corporeality – its key theme is the human body in a post-pandemic world.

= THE INDIVIDUAL BODY facing the invisible and omnipresent danger of the pandemic, brought to the threshold of physical existence, vulnerable and isolated, nervously checking for symptoms of disease. The state of lockdowns, quarantines and social distancing has made us sensitive to our own body, rediscovering its daily routine, weak but also strong – as many people invested in physical fitness, exercised, or engaged in other bodily activities.

= On the other hand, we have also discovered a COLLECTIVE BODY of the society, with an unprecedented mutual dependence in the much-sought “herd immunity”. The ideas of common good and collective action have come to the fore in an individualistic society, as we have experienced new forms of solidarity and alienation, selfless sacrifice and conspiracy theories. Each of these fields is explored in the performance by means of choreography, sculpture, music, showing bodies isolated and reunited, injured and healed, locked and liberated. This will be a reunion of the artists and the public to take stock of what had happened to our bodies, to understand the profound transformation of our societies, and to celebrate the opening of the cities and communities to the new normal.

Choreography: Nadya Zeitlin in collaboration with dancers: Juliana Feracota, Porter Grubbs, Amber Kirchner, Jenna Latham, Ellie Tsuchiya.

Jacquelyn Pritz, Christina Massad, and Alisa Ershtein contributed to this work as well.

Text description of the work: Sergey Medvedev.
Costumes: Nadya Zeitlin.
Set design: Dima Alekseev.
Music: Ptar Flemming.
Stage manager: Loren McFalls.

Photo documentation: Arvin Temkar.

This work is supported by Fulton County Public Arts Program.

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