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The Messenger was an interactive installation and durational performance piece, happening on the loop through the length of the event each night. 

We are inviting you to encounter curious Messengers from the Future. They have landed on our planet with a goal to know more about us, humans of the 21st century, our hopes, dreams and expectations about the Future. They are gathering all this information for our successors, who will see and analyze it when their time comes. 

The performance was interactive, and we invited the audience to explore it in full:
* Write their hopes about the Future of our planet, and slide these notes and letters to the Messenger through a “mailbox”.
* Share their concerns and anything that they'd like to leave in the Past of the planet writing on the outer black side of the Cube.
* Listen to the audio track prepared by students of the Contemporary Art & Architecture Lab, where they shared their thoughts on the Future as well. Use QR code to connect to the track.
* Enjoy the performance!

This project originated as The Cube inside the Contemporary Art and Architecture Lab, and was later animated by performers of Bautanzt Here dance theatre. 

Set design and production: Dima Alekseyev, Katya Kouznetsova.
Choreographic direction: Nadya Zeitlin // Bautanzt Here.
Choreography, performance: Amber Kirchner, Raina Mitchell, Jacquelyn Pritz.
Audio track and the concept of the Cube: students of the Contemporary Art and Architecture Lab, under guidance of Katya Kouznetsova and Dima Alekseyev.

Information about the festival here:

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