Archs and Textures.

April, June 2021

Archs and Textures. Excerpt.

Duet, developed during Excuse The Arts program. 

Updated and premiered June 2021 at the Spring For Spring Festival.

Concept, costumes: Nadya Zeitlin.

Choreography: Nadya Zeitlin with contribution from participating artists.

Performing artists:

Jacquelyn Pritz

Christina Massad / Julie Feracota

We are currently turning this work into quartet, and we planned 2 outdoor performances in Atlanta parks.

Bautanzt Here's main mission is to create free unexpected site-specific pop up shows, build dances where no one expects them.
We want to expand art audiences in Atlanta, bring stage to viewers instead of inviting them to a theatre setting.
But this format excludes ticket sales that usually cover production costs.

And this is where we need you and your support!
Consider this as buying a ticket to our "pay what you can" show. Any amount matters for us!


You can support this production:

- buying socks or mugs (contact for details);

- contributing to the GoFundMe campaign;

- coming to Nadya's dance improvisation classes on Saturdays, 10:30 - 12 in Dresden Park (or other locations).  

Most funds will go to dancers. 
The rest of the funds will go towards rehearsal space and a high capability bluetooth speaker. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!