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A dynamic performance series inspired by the architecture and history of the Central Fulton Library took place in Downtown: Underground Atlanta and Hardy Ivy Park. 

This performance series is funded by Arts & Entertainment Atlanta, a neighborhood activation and economic development project for Downtown Atlanta.  

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Archs & Textures DWTN explores the unique architectural character of Atlanta's Central Library, which was designed in Brutalist style by Hungarian-born Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer. 

Our company was inspired by the range of shapes found inside and outside of the library -- the lattice patterns, the blend of cement and wooden textures, and the monumental staircase structures. We also approached the building from a humanistic perspective, imagining how it might express itself if it could feel emotions. The building might feel like a stranger, an outsider, even an immigrant, next to the buildings more standard-looking for the area. 

The library was slated to be destroyed, but saved in 2016 after a multi-year preservation effort led by activists and downtown Atlanta residents, and renovated instead. So, this performance also explores the fragility of a huge cement structure awaiting its fate at the hands of people, significantly smaller and brittle physically compared to it. 

Choreographic direction, basic costume design: Nadya Zeitlin. 
Special costume design: Jennifer Schottstaedt. 

Collaborating performers: Shea Carponter-Broderick, Nicolas Hopkin, Amber Kirchner, Raina Mitchell, Jacquelyn Pritz.

Music by Xay Zoleil. 

Photos by Kimara Dixon.

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