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A series of interactive dance and music performances on public Atlanta playgrounds. We reimagined popular childhood games like Freeze Tag, Simon Says, jumping rope, Hide-and-Seek and others, through the lens of dance to create a dynamic, fun, and engaging spectacle for audiences of all ages. Team of musicians played live to accompany performers. They created a playful soundscape, adding a layer of magic and emphasizing something special happening in a common public space. Each event ended with a short free class for children - either hula hooping or dance.

All performances were free to attend.

Choreographic direction: Nadya Zeitlin. 


Collaborating performers: Gabby Duncan, Lindsay Duncan, Angelita Itzanami, Amber Kirchner, Merryn McKeough, Meaghan Novoa, Rose Shields. 
Musicians Dan Carey Bailey, Quinn Mason and Chris Suárez, Scott Box. 


Oct 2, 3pm & 4pm, Grant Park Playground

Oct 8, 4pm, Candler Park Playground

Oct 9, 4pm, Rose Circle Park Playground

The basis of this work was created for Hambidge Art Auction 2022. Our team was so happy to take this work further to wider audiences. 

Photos by Cody J. Jacques. 

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