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one of a kind interactive dance theatre performance

Imagine a performance that evolves and transforms in response to YOUR real-time feedback. Your presence will be more than just an audience; you'll be an integral part of the magic! Combining the languages of computer programming and body movement, artists will create an interactive dance theater performance, transformable with the audience feedback received in real time. 

During the show, the audience can actively influence the storyline by voting on a dedicated website using their phones. The color of the stage sculpture (part of the set design) will indicate the most popular choice, guiding the performers in the direction chosen by the audience.

Additionally, audience members can participate in creating the show's soundscape and visual content through their phones - all by using the same website, created by artists.

The performance explores Nadya's identity crises experienced over the past decade, triggered by moving to the US and becoming a mother. It examines how she had to adapt and sacrifice some aspects of her personality to fit into new roles. The narrative of "Hansel and Gretel" serves as a metaphor, with abandoned children representing lost parts of the protagonist's personality, attempting to reconnect with the busy adult caught up in everyday life.

In order to make this performance accessible, we're providing several ticket tiers. There's limited amount of $10 and $15 dollar tickets available for each performance. Get them while they last!  

We wholeheartedly thank Core Dance & Sue Schroeder,

and Windmill Arts & Sam Ross for supporting this project. 

Music by: Dan Carey Bailey, including live performance during both pre-show and show, and sounds recorded for the pre-show interactive part. Can be accessed at @the_othering_atl on Instagram;

and Xay Zoleil. 

Meet The Team

PREMIERED October 28 and 29 @ Windmill Arts Center.

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