Two performers dance with clothes hanging in the background
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Bautanzt Here
(“bau” - build, “tanzt” - dances, German)
is a site-specific dance theatre in Atlanta, GA.

Bautanzt Here has a new home! ! !
In March 2021 we started rehearsing at Dance Hub ATL, a new creative structure in the Atlanta dance scene, which formation Nadya facilitated. Dance Hub ATL is a part of Hambidge Cross-Pollination Art Lab. 
Follow @dance_hub_atl on Instagram to stay in the know about live and online open rehearsals, shows and experiments. 

Nadya Zeitlin // Bautanzt Here just premiered Archs and Textures at the Spring For Spring Dance Festival. This duet was created during Excuse The Art 2021 program, and will be further developed into a quartet site-specific performance.

In other news, 
Nadya along with collaborators - butoh performer Frankie Mulinix (Vandellous) and visual artists Dima Alekseyev and Katya Kouznetsova - recently presented a work called Hollow Bones both in studio settings (Dance Hub ATL) and in Piedmont Park.

Photo: Hanging On premiered September 25th at the Atlanta Contemporary as part of Dance Canvas & Atlanta Contemporary choreography residency. Photo courtesy of Dance Canvas Inc.


Bautanzt Here 
is a team of strong dancers under direction of experienced 
artistic director / dance designer. 

We merge dance and theatre
creating a unique language to tell meaningful and visually engaging stories in unconventional spaces.

We create unique and valuable art experiences for audiences, putting their routine on pause and suggesting them a gift of wonder.

We want to make the art of dance more accessible and bring it to the audiences who usually don't attend dance performances.

Bautanzt Moving Artists by Preston Baker

TEAM of the BAUTANZT here


Raina Mitchell

Jacquelyn Pritz

Porter Grubbs


Artistic Director:

Nadya Zeitlin.

Concept, choreography, costumes.


Clan of the Cave Bat,

an Atlanta band with 42 albums and more in the works, were voted best experimental band in Atlanta by Creative Loafing. 

Nathan Brown (tree creature, black blacks, hopi torvald) and Rob Sepanski (negredo, scaffolds)

click here to listen to their music